Dolphins on the Moon (Paperback)

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Like catching a glimpse of your life reflected in a cracked mirror, or hearing a recording of yourself saying something you know you never said, but wish you had. Gather all the moments and write them on autumn leaves, lay them out on a windy day, until you have half-told stories that need to be finished, and half-asked questions which you know you must answer. They will return, as crumpled dust on the wind, or as full-grown oaks that block your way. Listen carefully and you will hear the voice within asking you what your life has taught the world. Ten stories, each with a twist or two to keep the reader guessing. Sometimes, fiction is the truest reality there is. And like the rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat, life, like magic, is rarely what it seems.

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Dolphins on the Moon (Paperback)

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